Cognitive Psychology and Its Implications 9th Edition

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  • Categories: Psychology
  • Year: 2020
  • Edition: 9
  • Publisher: Worth Publishers
  • Language: english
  • ISBN: B0848YZ3DV
  • File: PDF, 30.89 MB

Cognitive Psychology and Its Implications.


Cognitive Psychology 9th edition takes students to the forefront of the field and introduces them to key discoveries of cognitive psychology. With accessible and clear explanations, Anderson shows students how mental processes are investigated and how we know what we know about the mind. Cognitive Psychology 9e introduces students to both the cutting edge findings of cognitive neuroscience and classic behavioral studies. Experimental data, sample stimuli, brain images, and research tasks woven throughout the text give students a real understanding of how research is conducted and the excitement of discovery. Fascinating examples and applications of cognitive theory further keep students engaged.



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