Criminal Justice in America 9 Edition

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  • Categories: Education Studies & Teaching - Education - General & Miscellaneous
  • Edition: 9th
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 544
  • ISBN 10: 1305261062
  • ISBN 13: 9781305261068
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Criminal Justice in America.


CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA, Ninth Edition, lets you experience the real-world excitement of this dynamic field while helping you to excel in your course with the support of proven, integrated study tools. In this engaging, reader-friendly text, you'll read true stories of offenders and their experiences within the system. You'll also learn about the crucial role that public policy plays in the criminal justice system and explore the hot issues that are changing the face of criminal justice today -- and shaping its future. Through contemporary examples, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, efforts to reform sentencing and reduce prison populations, and the impact of new technologies, this book highlights societal developments that pose new challenges for criminal justice professionals. What’s more, the MindTap that accompanies this text helps you practice and master techniques and key concepts while engaging you with video cases, career-based decision-making scenarios, visual summaries, and more.



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