Dimensional Analysis: Calculating Dosages Safely 2nd Edition

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    Categories: Medicine

    Year: 2019

    Edition: 2

    Publisher: F.A. Davis Company

    Language: English

    Pages: 474 / 469

    ISBN 10: 0803661894

    ISBN 13: 9780803661899

    File: PDF, 27.46 MB

      • Focus on patient safety

      • Learning models, including the “4 Cs” approach to dosage calculations: compute, convert, conceptualize, and critically evaluate
      • Over 1,000 practice problems throughout the book, including…

          • Basic skills pre-test 
          • End-of-section practice tests in each chapter
          • End-of-unit assessment tests
          • End-of-book post-test

      • 18 “Speed Challenge” chapter quizzes online to increase speed and accuracy
      • Real-life scenarios that illustrate how to apply concepts to practice
      • "Note" and “Alert” boxes that highlight potential safety issues to keep in mind when calculating math problems
    • A glossary of key terms at the beginning of each chapter



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