Essentials of Osborn's Brain: A Fundamental Guide for Residents and Fellows

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  • Categories: Medical - Neurology
  • Year: 2020
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Language: english
  • Pages: 701
  • ISBN 10: 0323713203
  • ISBN 13: 9780323713207
  • Series: Diagnostic Imaging
  • File: PDF, 131.33 MB

Essentials of Osborn's Brain
A Fundamental Guide for Residents and Fellows.


Welcome to Essentials of Osborn’s Brain! When I wrote the first edition of
Osborn’s Brain in 2013, it was written as a curriculum in neuroradiology with
the “must know—now!” topics, such as brain trauma, strokes, and hemorrhage
covered in the first few chapters of the text. At nearly 1,300 pages, the 2018
updated second edition was a comprehensive and very detailed delineation of
brain pathology and imaging…more than even the most dedicated residents
and fellows could absorb.
Hence the idea to edit and consolidate the most important concepts of Osborn’sBrain, second edition into a shorter, more “digestible” text aimed at residents
and fellows in radiology, neurology, and neurosurgery. We have constructed a
year-by-year (or rotation-by-rotation) study guide that takes a trainee through
the essentials but also enhances learning with complementary assignments
from STATdx and RadPrimer, invaluable resources that are available through
many institutional training programs. We’ve also scoured the web for free,
universally accessible programs that supplement reading assignments and
provide active links to the websites.
So let me be your guide to exploring the wonderful, fascinating world of brainanatomy, pathology, and imaging.



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