Essentials of Social Psychology: An Indian Perspective 1st Edition

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  • Categories: Psychology
  • Year: 2022
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Language: english
  • Pages: 563
  • ISBN 10: 1003300820
  • ISBN 13: 9781003300823
  • File: PDF, 4.93 MB

Essentials of Social Psychology
An Indian Perspective.


Essentials of Social Psychology: An Indian Perspective offers a comprehensive introduction to social psychology with a focus on the cultural and social fabric of Indian society. Split into five sections, the book covers the nature, scope, history and methods of social psychology; individual level processes; interpersonal level processes; social processes; group processes; and social issues. The authors, S.K. Mangal and Shubhra Mangal, address the latest research trends, and offer a varied insight into a range of topics including social influence, social exchange processes, group dynamics, aggression, prejudice and attitudes. The book also examines topical themes and includes two chapters on social issues facing contemporary Indian society. While highlighting significant Indian research contributions and including examples and case studies from an Indian context, this book goes on to examine the discipline in the context of the socio-psychological background of this subcontinent. Complex concepts are clearly explained and the book aids student learning through useful pedagogical features such as assessment questions, case studies, chapter summaries and boxed key points. Covering all the core topics within social psychology, this is an essential textbook for graduate or undergraduate courses in social psychology, social work, social neuroscience, community medicine or public health. In addition, it’s also a useful introduction for those taking the Psychology option for the Indian and Provincial Civil Services and other competitive examinations.




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