Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Children, Adults, and their Family Members 5th Edition

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Categories: Medicine

Year: 2018

Edition: 5

Publisher: Plural Publishing, Inc.

Language: English

Pages: 553 / 569

ISBN 10: 1635500737

File: PDF, 30.10 MB

The best-selling textbook, Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Adults, Children, and their Families, Fifth Edition, introduces the fundamentals of audiologic rehabilitation and hearing-related speech-language pathology in an easy-to-read, concise resource for the field of communication sciences and disorders. The text offers creative coverage of theory, clinical practice, and research-based approaches for identifying, diagnosing, and treating hearing and communication-based disorders.

The text is separated into three sections for the most comprehensive coverage of each topic: Part 1 describes the components of an aural rehabilitation plan, Part 2 concerns adults and their family members, and Part 3 concerns children and their parents. Important topics throughout include patient-centered services, counseling, selection and fitting of listening devices, conversational fluency and communication strategies training, auditory training, speechreading, and language and speech acquisition.

New to the Fifth Edition:

  • Reorganization of chapters from two to three sections, to streamline the presentation of the material
  • State-of-the-science review of the most current research in auditory training and audiovisual speech perception
  • Updated information and references to reflect emerging trends in speech and language therapy, along with practical examples of lessons
  • New larger 8.5" x 11" trim size allowing for better display of text and artwork
  • Improved and expanded number of figures that illustrate and illuminate key concepts and ideas

Key Features:

  • Text is written by a nationally and internationally recognized expert in aural rehabilitation, who is an active researcher in the areas of auditory training, speechreading, and communication strategies, and who writes in an engaging and clear style
  • Chapters begin with Chapter Outlines and end with Key Chapter Points and Terms and Concepts to Remember
  • Numerous case studies, sidebars, and text boxes
  • Bolded key terms in text with definitions in margins, and a comprehensive end-of-book glossary
  • Access to a PluralPlus companion website with supplementary resources for instructors and students, including case studies, supplemental learning activities and teaching tips for each chapter, and PowerPoint presentations for each chapter

NOTE: This book comes with supplementary content on a PluralPlus companion website. If you purchase or rent a used copy of the printed book, the code to access the website printed inside the book may have been previously redeemed/used or be incorrect and you will not be able to use it. To guarantee access to the website, it is recommended you purchase a new copy of this book.



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