Fundamentals of Financial Management 15th

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Volume: 15th edition
Year: 2019
Publisher: Cengage
Language: English
Pages: 866
ISBN 10: 1337395250
ISBN 13: 9781337395250
Series: 15th
File: PDF, 41.62 MB
Looking to be your own boss one day? It’ll take more than one course to get you there, but Fundamentals of Financial Management 15th Edition solutions is a good starting point. The text covers the essentials of corporate finance and management principles to help you build a solid foundation. But more than just imparting the business know-how, the text places an extreme emphasis on the idea of valuation throughout each chapter. This isn’t just in terms of earning more money or creating more value for shareholders—it’s also about maximizing moral and ethical value as well. That means employing safe and fair labor practices and preventing detrimental harm to the environment in order to benefit society as a whole. Because if you are going to be the boss one day, it’s better to learn that now while you’re just starting out



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