Fundamentals of Phonetics: A Practical Guide for Students 5th Edition

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Categories: Medicine

Year: 2019

Edition: 5

Publisher: PEARSON

Language: English

Pages: 411

ISBN 10: 0135206499

ISBN 13: 9780135206492

File: PDF, 392.29 MB

Fundamentals of Phonetics uses in-text exercises and supplemental audio recordings (available in the Pearson eText) to teach the practical skills necessary to successfully perform phonetic transcription of individuals using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Students learn about the transcription of consonants and vowels, connected speech, and individuals with speech sound disorders. A chapter on speech acoustics introduces spectrograms and the acoustic characteristics of speech sounds. Students also learn how to transcribe individuals who display regional and ethnic dialectal variation of speech, including those who have learned to speak English as a second language.

The 5th Edition is updated with current census data, new material on key concepts in phonetic transcription, and a new section on the application of speech acoustics in clinical practice. Pedagogical aids ― including new chapter summaries, learning objectives, exercises, and artwork ― help students learn, process, and practice the material.



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