International Commercial Litigation: Text, Cases and Materials on Private International Law 1st Edition

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Categories: Jurisprudence AND Law

Year: 2009

Edition: 1

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Language: English

Pages: 962 / 964

ISBN 10: 0521868076

ISBN 13: 9780521868075

File: PDF, 2.90 MB

This carefully structured, practice-orientated textbook provides everything the law student needs to know about international commercial litigation. The strong comparative component provides a thought-provoking international perspective, while at the same time allowing readers to gain unique insights into litigation in English courts. Three important themes of the book analyse how the international element may call into question the power of the court to hear the case, whether it should exercise this power, whether foreign law applies, and whether the court should take into account any foreign judgement. Hartley provides the reader with extracts from leading cases and relevant legislation, together with an extensive reference library of further reading for those who wish to explore the topic in more detail, making this a valuable, single-source textbook. The title will benefit from a companion website, setting out all relevant case law developments for the students.



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