Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions, Updated with 2014 ACA Codes 9th Edition

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Categories: Society, Politics & Philosophy - Social Sciences

Year: 2015

Edition: Ninth Edition

Publisher: Brooks Cole

Language: english

Pages: 576 / 570

ISBN 10: 1285464745

ISBN 13: 9781285464749

Series: 2015

File: PDF, 16.58 MB

Up-to-date and comprehensive, this practical best-selling text helps readers learn how to deal with and apply ethical standards. It provides readers with the basis for discovering their own guidelines within the broad limits of professional codes of ethics and divergent theoretical positions. The authors raise what they consider to be central issues, present a range of diverse views on these issues, discuss their position, and present many opportunities for users to refine their own thinking and actively develop their own position. Readers explore such questions as: What role do the therapist's personal values play in the counseling relationship? What ethical responsibilities and rights do clients and therapists have? What considerations are involved in adapting counseling practice to diverse client populations?



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