Lanzkowsky's Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology 7th Edition

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Categories: Medicine

Year: 2021

Edition: 7

Publisher: Academic Press

Language: English

Pages: 826

ISBN 10: 0128216719

ISBN 13: 9780128216712

File: PDF, 10.68 MB

Lanzkowsky’s Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Seventh Edition remains the go-to clinical manual for the treatment and management of childhood cancers and blood disorders. It is a comprehensive book on patient management, replete with algorithms and flow diagrams, and includes a new section on vascular anomalies. Reflecting the considerable advances in the treatment and management of hematologic and oncologic diseases in children, the seventh edition of this successful clinical manual is entirely updated to incorporate all current treatment protocols, new drugs, and management approaches. Its concise and easy-to-read format, again, enables readers to make accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions without having to reference larger medical textbooks.



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