Longest's Health Policymaking in the United States 7th Edition

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  • Categories: Medical
  • Year: 2020
  • Edition: 7
  • Publisher: Health Administration Press
  • Language: english
  • Pages: 550
  • ISBN 10: 1640552111
  • ISBN 13: 9781640552111
  • File: PDF, 22.50 MB

Longest's Health Policymaking in the United States.


Future healthcare leaders: Do you have an obligation to serve the common good? If your answer to this ethical question is yes, then you need a working knowledge of health policy. An understanding of how policy decisions are made gives healthcare leaders a knowledge base from which they can turn what once appeared to be limitations or obstacles into opportunities to facilitate better access to care, improve the quality of care, and more effectively manage costs. Leaders who have a firm grasp on the policymaking process can advocate for their patients, their organizations, and their communities. This revamped version of the classic textbook originally authored by Beaufort B. Longest, Jr., links policy concepts to practical applications and real healthcare outcomes. It covers formulation, implementation, and modification of health policymaking at both the federal and state levels, while giving readers insight into real-life political results and details of on-the-ground policy decisions. Highlights include: • A new chapter on federalism and the role of the states • Policy Snapshots at the beginning of each of the book’s sections that offer brief, true stories of a significant policy event or an opportunity for students to envision their future selves as health advocates • A thoroughly revised and updated chapter on how the courts shape health policy • A rich array of new or updated examples drawn from actual policymaking events, in addition to new graphics and sidebars • Updated appendixes reorganized to provide easy access to examples germane to the topic at hand • An epilogue highlighting federal and state policy challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 Let author Michael R. Meacham guide you through health policy as a process. With a background in policy, law, healthcare leadership, and academia, he enables students to understand both the big picture and the small, but important, details.



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