Marketing Strategy In The Digital Age: Applying Kotler's Strategies To Digital Marketing

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Categories: Business And Economics

Year: 2020

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing

Language: English

Pages: 370 / 404

ISBN 10: 9811216975

ISBN 13: 9789811216978

File: PDF, 48.82 MB

The market changes faster than marketing. In essence, marketing strategy has undergone only two eras, the entity era and the bit era, also known as the industrial age and the digital age. In the age of digital society, all CEOs, CMOs and senior marketing executives must consider how to change their strategies, improve the role of marketing and adopt emerging technological and data tools to integrate with the Internet. The goal of digital marketing strategy is not to disrupt existing marketing strategies, but to complement, integrate and develop the two at the same time. In this book, the authors provide detailed discussion and practical analysis on the relationship between marketing and digital technologies and propose a marketing implementation framework for digital strategy platforms. Standing for Recognize, Reach, Relationship and Return, the 4R system is a powerful strategic trading tool for digital implementation, especially for CEOs and CMOs. All other tools, such as data platforms, content marketing, DSP digital advertising and digital marketing ROI design essentially serve the 4R system. As such, the authors advocate for firms to restructure their digital marketing strategy around the 4R system.



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