Modern Blood Banking & Transfusion Practices Seventh Edition

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Categories: Medicine

Year: 2019

Edition: 7th Edition

Publisher: F.A. Davis

Language: English

Pages: 699

ISBN 10: 0803668880

ISBN 13: 9780803668881

File: PDF, 17.94 MB

Amazing legendary book in the field. Helpful for practicing Transfusion Medicine and Hematology.” —Zubair S., Amazon Reviewer

Join the generations of students who have embarked on successful careers with a firm foundation in the theory and practice of blood banking and transfusion practices. Denise Harmening’s classic text teaches you not only how to perform must-know tests and tasks, but to understand the scientific principles behind them.

You’ll begin with a review of the basic concepts of red blood cell and platelet preservation, genetics, immunology, and molecular biology. Then you’ll move to the hows and whys of clinical practice. And, you’ll be prepared for new advances in the field.

More than 500 illustrations, tables, and boxes that help students master difficult concepts, including those not routinely illustrated and highlighted in other texts
Coverage of transfusion for transplantation.
Full-color, step-by-step photographs illustrating ABO forward and reverse blood grouping
Discussions of the legal and ethical aspects of providing blood collection and transfusion services
Registry-style review questions and answers at the end of each chapter providing immediate feedback for students
Complete coverage of all blood group systems
Information on quality assurance and informational systems in the blood bank
Summary charts at the end of each chapter highlighting concepts and information important in clinical settings
“Antigen-Antibody Characteristic” charts on the inside covers of the book for easy access to the vast amount of information related to the blood group systems



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