Operations and Supply Chain Management 17th Edition

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Operations and Supply Chain Management , 17e covers the latest and most important issues facing operations and supply chain management (OSCM) managers while providing basic tools and techniques to promote a competitive advantage and career-readiness. It covers relevant, current OSCM issues with a focus on the global economy, analytic content that ties decisions to relevant data, and solutions to operations and supply chain-related problems. Hot topics in business today that relate to OSCM are mitigating the risk of disruptions while reducing the cost of supply chain processes, integration and collaboration with customers and suppliers, sustainability and minimizing the long-term cost of products and processes. These topics are studied in the book to clarify the "big picture" of what these topics are and why they are important to business today. The seventeenth edition supplies many examples of leading-edge companies and practices to make the book an interesting and relevant read.



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