Physical Examination and Health Assessment 8th Edition

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Categories: Medicine
Year: 2019
Edition: 8
Publisher: Saunders
Language: english
Pages: 896 / 1181
ISBN 10: 0323510809
ISBN 13: 9780323510806
File: PDF, 49.91 MB

Physical Examination and Health Assessment


With an easy-to-follow approach and unmatched learning support, Jarvis’ Physical Examination and Health Assessment, 8th Edition is the most authoritative, complete, and easily-implemented solution for health assessment courses in nursing. This tightly integrated learning package continues to center on Carolyn Jarvis’s trademark clear, logical, and holistic approach to physical examination and health assessment across the patient lifespan. It’s packed with vivid illustrations, step-by-step guidance and evidence-based content to provide a complete approach of health assessment skills and physical examination. With a fresh focus on today’s need-to-know information, the 8th edition integrates QSEN and interprofessional collaboration, enhanced inclusion of LGBTQ issues, a new standalone Vital Signs chapter, and enhanced EHR and documentation content.



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