Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse: A How-To Guide 3rd Ed

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    Year: 2020

    Edition: 3

    Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

    Language: English

    Pages: 896 / 1578

    ISBN 10: 082619379X

    File: PDF, 22.06 MB


    The leading textbook on psychotherapy for advanced practice psychiatric nurses and students

    Award-winning and highly lauded, Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse is a how-to compendium of evidence-based approaches for both new and experienced advanced practice psychiatric nurses and students. This expanded third edition includes a revised framework for practice based on new theory and research on attachment and neurophysiology. It advises the reader on when and how to use techniques germane to various evidence-based psychotherapy approaches for the specific client problems encountered in clinical practice.

    This textbook guides the reader in accurate assessment through a comprehensive understanding of development and the application of neuroscience to make sense of what is happening for the patient in treatment. Contributed by leaders in the field, chapters integrate the best evidence-based approaches into a relationship-based framework and provides helpful patient-management strategies, from the first contact through termination. This gold-standard textbook and reference honors the heritage of psychiatric nursing, reaffirms the centrality of relationship for psychiatric advanced practice, and celebrates the excellence, vitality, depth, and breadth of knowledge of the specialty.

    New to This Edition:

    • Revised framework for practice based on new theory and research on attachment and neurophysiology
    • New chapters:
      • Trauma Resiliency Model Therapy
      • Psychotherapeutics: Re-uniting Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacotherapy
      • Trauma-Informed Medication Management
      • Integrative Medicine and Psychotherapy
      • Psychotherapeutic Approaches with Children and Adolescents
    • Robust instructor resources

    Key Features:

    • Offers a "how to" of evidence-based psychotherapeutic approaches
    • Highlights the most-useful principles and techniques of treatment for nurse psychotherapists and those with prescriptive authority
    • Features guidelines, forms, and case studies to guide treatment decisions
    • Includes new chapters and robust instructor resources―chapter PowerPoints, case studies, and learning activities
    • Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers



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