Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research (SAGE Sourcebooks for the Human Services) 3rd Edition

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Categories: Society, Politics & Philosophy - Social Sciences

Year: 2016

Edition: Paperback

Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc

Language: english

Pages: 352 / 454

ISBN 10: 1452256705

ISBN 13: 9781452256702

File: PDF, 4.10 MB

Qualitative Methods in Social Work Researchprovides accessible, how-to instruction for carrying out rigorous qualitative research. Deborah K. Padgett's thoroughly revisedThird Editionoffers a comprehensive introduction to qualitative methods based on six major approaches: ethnography, grounded theory, case study, narrative, phenomenological, and participatory action research. Readers will appreciate the book's ease of use, friendly writing style, and helpful cases/examples that combine attention to methodological rigor with pragmatic concerns for real-world relevance.



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