Research Methods and Data Analysis for Business Decisions A Primer Using SPSS

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Year: 2021

Edition: 1

Publisher: Springer

Language: english

Pages: 263

ISBN 10: 3030844234

ISBN 13: 9783030844233

Series: Classroom Companion: Business

File: PDF, 13.13 MB

This introductory textbook presents research methods and data analysis tools in non-technical language. It explains the research process and the basics of qualitative and quantitative data analysis, including procedures and methods, analysis, interpretation, and applications using hands-on data examples in QDA Miner Lite and IBM SPSS Statistics software. The book is divided into four parts that address study and research design; data collection, qualitative methods and surveys; statistical methods, including hypothesis testing, regression, cluster and factor analysis; and reporting. The intended audience is business and social science students learning scientific research methods, however, given its business context, the book will be equally useful for decision-makers in businesses and organizations.



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