Sex and Gender 1st Edition A Biopsychological Approach

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Sex and Gender
A Biopsychological Approach

Using both scientific and feminist approaches in its analysis, Sex and Gender: A Biopsychological Approach provides a current and comprehensive understanding of its titular topics, making it an invaluable textbook for instructors and students. Sex and gender can only be properly understood when examined in the contexts of biological, psychological, and social processes and the interactions between those processes. The structure of this book facilitates this necessary exhaustive discussion: First section: a biological analysis that discusses evolutionary, cellular, and genetic processes, and their effects on physical and behavioral development Second section: a psychological and sociological analysis that discusses stereotypes, sexism, and theories of gender Final section: a discussion of the current global challenges surrounding sex and gender, such as discrimination and religious and social oppression of various groups Across chapters: bonus features that can be used as discussion topics, student essay topics, or special topics for instructors to expand the text’s discussion into the classroom The text’s unique focus on biological, psychological, and social processes – as separate entities and interacting processes – make Sex and Gender crucial for a comprehensive and advanced understanding of the subject. This is an essential resource for instructors who want to bring a thorough and complex analysis of sex and gender studies to their classrooms.



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