Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing 3rd Edition

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Categories: Meicine
Year: 2022
Edition: 3
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Language: english
Pages: 500
ISBN 10: 1284194671
ISBN 13: 9781284194678
Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing, Third Edition promotes a comprehensive understanding of statistics in all aspects of clinical practice and health care settings. This text has been thoughtfully designed to meet the learning needs of practicing nurses and advanced practice nursing students to help them engage in evidence-based practice. Praised for its readability, the Third Edition teaches students to interpret and evaluate statistical findings in practice. The Third Edition is written with clarity and accessibility in mind, helping drive student comprehension of statistics. Expanded datasets allow for learners to take on more complex practice problems, readying them for real-world application. In addition to featuring the latest SPSS procedures, the new edition presents further instruction using Excel. Readers will appreciate updated case studies, the inclusion of evidence-based practice applications of statistics, and critical thinking questions. New to the Third Edition: - New evidence-based case studies reflect current practices and issues in nursing - New critical thinking questions and self-quizzes reinforce key concepts - Complex datasets simulate working with large populations - Updated screenshots from SPSS and Excel procedures



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