Successful Advanced Practice Nurse Role Transition: A Structured Process to Developing Professional Identity through Role Transition

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Year: 2022

Publisher: Springer

Language: English

Pages: 250

ISBN 10: 3030530019

ISBN 13: 9783030530013

File: PDF, 9.25 MB

This book is designed to help APN students and new APNs understand the process of role transition through the exploration of the Concept Analyses for APN Role Transition and Professional Identity. APN role transition from a generalist nurse to a graduate-prepared Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) can be challenging and emotional as the APN student progresses through graduate education, clinical experiences, and during the first year of APN clinical practice. Precise steps that individuals can take to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of APN professional Identity through the personal process of role transition are provided. Role transition is complex, this book provides knowledge and skills on four levels of role transition based on the facilitators and barriers of macro, meso, micro, and personal levels. A critical aspect of role transition is gaining a personal insight of one’s identity as person and as professional nurse. Professional identity changes significantly through the graduate education process and first year of clinical practice. This book emphasizes personal introspection and forethought to augment successful APN role transition and personal growth through a series of questions to guide personal thoughts while setting plans for the future as an APN. This unique book allows readers to gain the skills to help them progress through role transition to APN practice through the development of their professional identity by providing activities with journal space within the book. In addition, precise steps for developing a personal role transition plan include a framework to identify personal values, visions, mission, and goal statements. As the reader completes the activities provided throughout the book, they will have a valuable personal resource as they understand their role transition from generalist nurse to APN role. An enhanced understanding of this role transition will result in a higher degree of success in defining their personal and professional identity. This volume is intended for students in APN programs, new graduates, nurses changing roles where there is role transition confusion, and APNs seeking to understand their professional identity and /or gain insights into the multiple facets of the APN role.



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