The Cytokines of the Immune System: The Role of Cytokines in Disease 1st Edition

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Categories:  Medicine - Immunology 

Year: 2015

Edition: 1

Publisher: Academic Press

Language: English

Pages: 322

ISBN 10: 0124199984

ISBN 13: 9780124199989

File: PDF, 4.02 MB

The Cytokines of the Immune System catalogs cytokines and links them to physiology and pathology, providing a welcome and hugely timely tool for scientists in all related fields. In cataloguing cytokines, it lists their potential for therapeutic use, links them to disease treatments needing further research and development, and shows their utility for learning about the immune system. This book offers a new approach in the study of cytokines by combining detailed guidebook-style cytokine description, disease linking, and presentation of immunologic roles.

  • Supplies new ideas for basic and clinical research
  • Provides cytokine descriptions in a guidebook-style, cataloging the origins, structures, functions, receptors, disease-linkage, and therapeutic potentials
  • Offers a textbook-style view on the immune system with the immunologic role of each cytokine



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