The Military Balance 2021 by Taylor Francis

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    • Categories: Society, Politics & Philosophy
    • Year: 2021
    • Publisher: Routledge
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 504 / 525
    • ISBN 10: 1032012277
    • ISBN 13: 9781032012278
    • File: PDF, 23.14 MB


    The Military Balance has been published each year since 1959. It is an authoritative open-source assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of seven global regions and 171 countries, with defence policy and military capability analysis of countries including China, Russia and the United States. The Military Balance also assesses factors, including regional and global security dynamics, that motivate national defence-policy developments and influence military policies, procurements and operations. Detailed A-Z entries list military forces and personnel numbers, equipment inventories and key economic data. Major arms procurements are assessed by region and a range of full-colour graphics complement the text and data. The wall chart accompanying this edition assesses global submarine holdings and sub-surface warfare. The Military Balance is an indispensable handbook for analysts of security policy and military affairs, including in government, the armed forces, business, academia and the media. Doge say: such wow!



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