Accounting Principles 14th Edition

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Categories: Business é Economics - Accounting
Year: 2020
Edition: 14
Publisher: Wiley
Language: english
ISBN 10: 1119707080
ISBN 13: 9781119707080
File: PDF, 77.59 MB

Accounting Principles


Accounting Principles, 14th Edition provides students with a clear overview of fundamental financial and managerial accounting concepts with a focus on learning the accounting cycle from the sole proprietor perspective. Through a primary review of accounting transactions, integrated real-world examples, and a variety of practice opportunities, students develop a thorough understanding of how to apply accounting principles and techniques in practice.

Students work through an entire program that builds their mastery of accounting concepts with an emphasis on decision making and key data analysis skills appropriate at the introductory level that keeps them engaged and better prepared to connect the classroom to the real world.



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