Davis's Comprehensive Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests With Nursing 8th

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Categories: Medicine

Year: 2019

Edition: 8th

Publisher: F. A. Davis Company

Language: English

Pages: 1440 / 1442

ISBN 10: 0803674953

ISBN 13: 9780803674950

File: PDF, 12.31 MB

Fast Find: Lab and Dx--The complete F.A. Davis Lab & Diagnostic Test database online U.S. and Canadian content Searchable and printable Mobile and tablet friendly "Potential Nursing Problems" tables within many studies that present problems, signs and symptoms, and interventions related to the study 'Common Use' for each monograph to provide an at-a-glance description of what the test is for, presented in everyday language that patients will understand Monographs that focus on what you need to do before, during, and after each laboratory and diagnostic test, including... Patient Teaching Detailed coverage of patient safety "Sensitivity to Social and Cultural Issues" and "Nutritional Considerations," where appropriate Diagnostic imaging monographs with explanations of the reasons for the test result Pathophysiology information that explains why a lab test result is increased or decreased Reference Ranges that are expressed in both conventional and SI units (with the SI unit conversion factor) and include age- and gender-specific variations when indicated and normal variations due to cultural considerations Interfering Factors, including food, natural products, timing of test, handling of specimen, underlying patient conditions, and drugs that may interfere with the results of the test Unique coverage of laboratory and diagnostic tests for subspecialties, such as maternity, therapeutic drug monitoring, nutrition and sensory Cross referencing of related lab and diagnostic tests in every monograph "Body System" appendix that includes therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology as well as nutrition-related lab tests



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