Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry 10th Edition

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Categories: chemistry
Year: 2022
Publisher: Cengage
Language: english
Pages: 1677
ISBN 10: 0357450396
ISBN 13: 9780357450390
ISBN: 2020924523
File: PDF, 20.25 MB
Discover the principles and practices behind analytical chemistry as you study its applications in medicine, industry and the sciences with Skoog/West/Holler/Crouch's FUNDAMENTALS OF ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 10th Edition. This award-winning author team presents the latest developments in analytical chemistry today using a reader-friendly yet systematic and thorough approach. Each chapter begins with a compelling story and stunning visuals. Dynamic photos from renowned chemistry photographer Charlie Winters capture attention while reinforcing key principles. New features highlight chemistry-related careers. You also learn how to use Excel 2019 as a problem-solving tool in analytical chemistry with new exercises, examples and a no-cost supplement by the text authors. OWLv2 online homework tool is also available to help you master the principles of analytical chemistry today



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